Understanding – and responding to – ‘extremism’

Keywords in books covered in this section include ‘extremism’, ‘populism’, ‘racism’, ‘fascism’, ‘Islamism’, ‘Prevent’, ‘counter-extremism’, ‘integration’, ‘cohesion’:

A major new collection on the theoretical and methodological challenges faced by researchers on the far right, combining stimulating insights with valuable empirical information.

‘Establishing rapport’ when researching far-right organisations: a useful survey of positions, choices and dilemmas.

A thorough, comprehensive and detailed treatment of the Identitarians: their ‘theories’, ‘tech savvy’ methods – and the danger they pose.

Seventy years ago, a landmark American study in social psychology and political theory sought to identify how and why people in democratic systems were susceptible to racist & fascist views. Rereading The Authoritarian Personality in the age of Trump …

How the police and local authorities respond when far-right protestors are marching through their town: an in-depth look at the issues British policy makers and public bodies have faced when managing ‘anti-Islamic protest’