Understanding – and responding to – ‘extremism’

How can the approaches of the Frankfurt School can be applied to critique and counter antisemitism today?

Figleaves, dogwhistles: ‘small communicative devices’ which can fuel social division, given a stimulating book-length treatment.

What is ‘extremism’, anyway? A new handbook explores tricky questions.

A major new collection on the theoretical and methodological challenges faced by researchers on the far right, combining stimulating insights with valuable empirical information. ‘Establishing rapport’ when researching far-right organisations: a useful survey of choices and dilemmas.

On Trump and Le Pen, and on Enoch PowellAbout the Identitarians: their ‘theories’ & ‘tech savvy’ methods.

How the authorities respond when far-right protestors march through town: an in-depth look at the issues British policy makers and public bodies have faced when managing ‘anti-Islamic protest’.

A consideration on how the far right could shift to combine racism and ‘green’ politics.

Seventy years ago, a landmark American study in social psychology & political theory sought to identify how and why people in democratic systems were susceptible to racist & fascist views. Rereading The Authoritarian Personality …

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