Identities / belonging / migrations

Reviews of books about who we are … where we come from … and where we are going …  /                                                           Cultures and politics of race, ethnicity, places and borders :

A well-considered survey of issues to do with multiculturalism in towns and cities along the M62 in northern England

‘Speaking clearly about race is difficult’: unequivocal polemic and careful consideration of key debates from Alana Lentin

‘Anti-immigration politics’ from Windrush to Brexit: does this clear and principled polemic help us be clear about how to apply progressive principles?

When Wacquant came to Sheffield: papers from a major conference on the theorist of ‘advanced marginality’ and ‘urban outcasts’

Scots are right to tell many positive stories about themselves and their country. But instances of self-delusion only get in the way of building a better nation: a substantial consideration of an ‘important book’ on problems in race relations from the Cheviot hills to Cape Wrath.

A survey of Scotland’s diverse communities: questions of identity, community dynamics & policy, arising from immigration to the country over the last decade

Placeless People: outlooks on the plight of refugees from a range of twentieth century authors, drawing out points for policy makers & activists today