On Burnley Road, book reviews, articles

Process North’s Mike Waite is the author of On Burnley Road: Class, race and politics in a northern English town (2021, Lawrence Wishart Books).  It’s received positive reviews, including in The Guardian,  London Review of Books, Ethnic and Racial StudiesPatterns of Prejudice and the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. Amongst Mike’s articles linked to the book is this on memories of deindustrialisation.

The latest book reviews on this website consider Jennifer Saul’s thoughtful contribution to a literature which we wish was not needed, showing how manipulative language spreads racism and falsehood, and books in a new series from De Gruyter on ‘bottom up’ peacebuilding initiatives and on approaches to conflict resolution in ‘online’ spaces.

A recent issue of Radical Philosophy carries Mike’s consideration of lessons from the Frankfurt School / critical theory tradition about how best to respond to right wing populisms.

For the Process North archive of previously published reviews, click here. Themes covered include good practice in conflict resolution; understanding and responding to extremism; and communications and media.

And click here for a discussion piece offering a provisional consideration of the relevance of Chantal Mouffe’s thought for conflict resolution work.