Reviews & notes on recent books

We’ve published a range of book reviews, now grouped into different categories.

The craft of mediation & good practice in conflict resolution: solving management problems in America’s schools; attempts by non-profit organisations to dissuade young people in Los Angeles from violence; the life and work of Herbert C Kelman; and a collection on good practice when intervening in societal level conflicts

Understanding – and responding to – ‘extremism’: from Theodor Adorno to the EDL and the Identitarians

Ideas & theory: consideration of Hannah Arendt’s work; Angus Ritchie on ‘inclusive populism’, Quassim Cassam on the difference between ‘bullshit and lies’, and much else; Ernesto Laclau’s ontology; and Jonathan Haidt on why some good people disagree with you

Places, identities, migrations: Why we need to talk more about racism; Wacquant’s useful concepts; tackling racism in Scotland; immigration to Scotland; refugees in twentieth century literature; a critique of the British government’s immigration policy, from the 1940s to today

We also publish short reviews and composite pieces on our ‘booknotes’ page – click here.