About Process North is maintained by Mike Waite, who works as an independent mediator, conflict resolution practitioner, facilitator, trainer and researcher. He delivers bespoke courses on areas including conflict awareness, effective engagement and communication around controversial and disputed issues, and de-escalation techniques. Click here for information on contacting Mike if you are interested in commissioning work through Process North.

As well as providing a route to contact Mike, this website carries information on his writing, and book reviews on issues including mediation, dynamics of social conflict, race relations, populism, ‘extremism’, political identities & more …

It will (hopefully) be of interest to mediators & others working on conflicts and disputed questions; professionals responsible for holding dialogue, debates & discussions on ‘difficult’ & ‘controversial’ subjects; researchers looking at contested issues & social distances; and leaders & activists at all levels in communities, political organisations, local government, campaigning groups & the voluntary sector.